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Bad idea

If you are from a certain time and of a certain age, and your parents were hip, but, you know, they were still parents. But they understood. But they were concerned. They knew. But they didn’t know. They knew how it was for them, but not for you. They knew “the score.” They’d say, “if you ever want to experiment with drugs, let us know.” As I type this, I’m asking myself, Really? Did parents in the 70s actually say things like this?  But they did. They really did. We compared notes. They didn’t all say it but enough did. And, you’d be like, Yeah my parents are cool. They said if I ever wanted to try something I should let them know. They understood how kids would want to experiment, but they want me to be safe, you know? I know a lot of people whose parents would say this, but I can’t think of anyone who called their bluff. And I can’t imagine ever saying this to my kids.