A bite of lunch: Sixth Hex

“Through the trees we can hear the crackle of the bonfire and the hum of another song. All around us is a pattern of chirping bugs and a scatter of bright stars. We go to Peter and Harry’s cabin. They aren’t even there. The rooms smell like ours, of candy and bug repellant, but they feel different, kind of risky. It is all boys’ socks on the floor. We spy several pairs of floppy white briefs on the floor. Monica catches one with her toe and flicks it at me. We think we hear someone. We are slithering around trying to hide in the sleeping bags. It is this incredible feeling of giddiness, frantically trying to hide when you know you will get caught, except, like in all those games of hide and go seek tag we used to play at her house, getting caught didn’t matter when we got caught, like in R.C.K. when you hope it will be the guy you have just started to like and are hoping he will like you back. Before it gets complicated. We are pretending to be piles of laundry when Mr. Nichols flicks on the light and tells us to scram.”

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