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Have Lunch in Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood

Read a little more of Lunch on Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood.

“The Gift of Tongues” combines the New Yorker’s love of rooftops with the middle schoolers love of the grotesque and overtly sexual.

And in the spirit of NYC 1970s autobiographical realness, here’s a picture of me in 7th grade, holding a light meter for my father, who was a photographer. New Yorkers will recognize the Fox Police locks.


Review: “a gem”

Thanks, Nicole!

(You can read the rest of her review here.)

Review: Finally!

Daisy Porter says the book is “not perfect” but has “amazing voice.” She gives it four stars on Amazon.

Daisy blogs at Queer YA, reviewing LGTBQ fiction for teens. She may not know it, but she is also the first winner of a vintage Sassy/Nirvana sticker. Christina said she had not heard from her, which means her review was written just because, even better.

Solicited reviews are good, too. And there are nine stickers remaining if you want to get in on that action.


Lunch in Brooklyn is now available through iTunes.

Review: “fresh, present and compelling”

Review by: Susan Price on May 08, 2012 : star star star star star
Lunch in Brooklyn is an amazing and engaging read. Set in late 1970s NYC, it is a year in the life of 14 year old Kate. The late 1970s in NYC were remarkable for parents and children – one might say their roles and responsibilities were practically reversed. Rebecca Moore has really captured so much of that era, both at home and at school, along with the teenage angst we all experience growing up. A very fresh, present and compelling read, you can’t help but identify with Kate and so many other characters.

Posted on Smashwords today.

Smells like a ’90s revival

Sassy Editor Christina Kelly aka Fallen Princess has 10 of these vintage Sassy Nirvana stickers to give away. Here’s what you can do to win one:

1) Write a review of Lunch in Brooklyn on Amazon that mentions Fallen Princess.

2) Email the link to your review to the PrincessImage along with a mailing address.

The first 10 people who post a review win.

Review: Christen McCurdy

Christen McCurdy has reviewed Lunch in Brooklyn on her blog, Message: I Care.

You can read her review here.

You can read more of the book here.

Illustration from Sassy, November 1993.

The girls are back in town

Sassy readers of yesteryear, get on over to Christina Kelly’s blog, Fallen Princess. I did an author Q & A with her!

In addition to Christina’s rants, whims, wit and wisdom, you will also find Andrea, Kim and (I think) Marjorie, fka Margie.

Thanks again, Christina. I am proud to be a “colleague“!