No such thing as a free Lunch?

During the month of July, I am taking part in the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale and offering Lunch in Brooklyn for FREE all month at Smashwords.

Click here for the book page and code. What’s the catch? There isn’t one, just a request: if you like it, be like Heather Locklear and tell a friend.


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2 responses to “No such thing as a free Lunch?”

  1. J Bryan McGeever says :

    Rebecca, thanks for your kind remark regarding my piece in Bellers about military on campus. When I went to amazon to check out your book, I saw that it was only available on kindle, which I do not have. Anyway, were you happy with the way your book turned out? Were hard copies available, as well? Given the unusual circumstances regarding publishing these days, I am considering a small press like Xlibris or E-book to publish a collection of essays on teaching in NYC. Do you think it’s worth it?
    JB McGeever

    • r3beccamoore says :

      Hi Bryan,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I would be interested in reading your essays. I really did like that piece in Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood.

      My book is only available as an ebook though I also considered converting it as a print-on-demand book. There’s something called the espresso book machine, which they have at the Brooklyn Public Library. If you go to check it out, please let me know what you think! It’s a neat idea if I understand how it works. You upload your book and a reader could purchase it directly from the book machine. But I haven’t done that yet. You can also print one or many copies on lulu. I don’t know about Xlibris. Get your own ISBN number/s from Bowker, definitely do Kindle (it’s free), don’t pay for services that do marketing as part of the deal, and look into amazon POD services. I used smashwords first because they covert to multiple electronic formats (apple, nook as well as PDF) but not kindle.

      Have you published any other of your writing elsewhere? I’d love to read more.


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